Stoneground Watercolour Paint - the Red Fox

Stoneground Watercolour Paint - the Red Fox


Stone Ground Paint Co. Watercolour Paint
Our custom Red Fox Palette colours include;
Gold Mica
Pozzuoli Earth Red
Mayan Royal Blue
Hooker's Green
Bone Black

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Welcome to Stoneground Paint.

The foundation of C.T.A. Stoneground Paint Co. was laid by Cruz Anderson. Anderson learned the foundations of paint making and traditional knowledge from Dr. David Cranswick while studying in London, England.  Continuing to study and research on his own, Anderson shared his knowledge with Kathleen Avram, Eric Rowe, and Jenny Rowe, while working to perfect the proportions and processes used in the creation of Stoneground's handmade paints and mediums.

Their watercolour paints are made by hand from the finest pigments available. Each pigment is bound within a unique combination of the highest-grade gum arabic and locally sourced organic honey. Stoneground's watercolour paints are ground by hand, and are made in small batches. They do not use any fillers in their paint in order to keep it as pure as possible. 

That's it! No cheap filler, no extenders, just three ingredients to make a watercolour paint second to none.

Red Fox is honoured to sell a custom palette designed just for us.

The best part. We get to share it with all of you!