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We are so happy to have your skills to help us spread creative joy in our community!

This form is everything we need from you to calculate all our costs and to get your class online! We need this information for each class you are proposing to teach with us.
The quicker you get us the answers, the faster we get you in our schedule! Get it done and we can start filling your classes. We look forward to working with you!

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Your name (How you want it to be displayed on the website)
Reminder: if you're teaching more then one class with us, this form needs to be filled out for EVERY class you're teaching
Something that grabs people's attention Ex. Learn how to create modern portraits without the stress of knowing how to draw.
Brief description of what students will learn.
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How much do you want to make per person to facilitate this class. Tell us what you want to charge for your knowledge.
How much will you charge each person for the supplies that they will use during your class. This includes items you will let them keep to take home. Example Knitting needles with the yarn the student uses.
This is the minimum number of students you are willing to teach for your class. We try to keep class size maximum at 10 people. If you prefer more or less we can discuss it :)
We would like to get a few photos of your work that is representative of what you will be covering. We will post this on the site. We can link back to your website if you have one!
We ask that you share with your loyal followers on social media to help us promote your course/s.
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Information for you the maker:
- We try to keep class sizes at a maximum of 10 students. If you prefer more or less we can discuss it :)
- Once we have received your info and approved your class, each session runs on a contractual basis. We require invoices in order for you to be paid.
- We believe course planning and prep time is your intellectual property. As such you own your curriculum - we don't.