If you’re new here or have not yet experienced RED FOX, Welcome.
We have enjoyed our time in our beautiful, bright studio space, but it’s time to evolve.
We are moving out of our studio space in order to grow. It is just a location and Red Fox is more than a location.

What do these changes mean for the things I love about Red Fox?

Have no fear! Red Fox Creative Studio will continue to offer retreats, workshops and classes!

Red Fox Creative Studio owners Kristin and Kayla are still united to bring you a bunch of new, exciting things in 2019 and onward. Together, Kayla and Kristin will continue with the all of their fabulous creative and mindful retreats:

Kayla has a new office/studio space where she will continue to offer her private and group therapeutic services, mindful expressive arts classes and workshops.

Kristin has her cozy art/encaustic studio space at the Complete Wheel Shop (a building that she owns with her husband). She will continue to offer her mindful creativity classes, workshops and private lessons there. Mindful Creativity Pop Ups will occur randomly.

What does this mean for RED FOX facilitators?

We love and appreciate every single one of our facilitators that have been on this journey with us. If you have any desire to connect with them to bring creativity into your life, you can find them here:

We are looking forward to what the future looks like for Red.

If you have any questions about this transition we encourage you to connect with us.

Mission and Vision

Red Fox Creative Studio nurtures creative people to be the agents of change in their own lives.

We envision a community where creatives inspire the spark of the creative light and spread it like wildfire.

We invest in our community by encouraging daily mindfulness practice, as well as, supporting individual and group creativity, to build community connections.

Red’s Theory of Change

When creatives collaborate toward collective goals, we create meaningful change and well-being. Making art and practising mindfulness while nurturing self-worth influences people to feel connected and confident in their authenticity.


As we strive to achieve our mission and embody our vision, we are guided by our values, and will always reflect on how we can best:

  • Nurture Creativity

  • Invite Pause

  • Be Present

  • Hold Space

  • Speak Truth

  • Create Connections

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