The ART + SOUL RETREAT enabled us to explore creativity, mindfulness, nature, and shared awareness through a small group setting.

There aren't many guidelines for this retreat, except:

  • Show Up
  • Leave your technology at the door
  • Feel all the feelings
  • Allow thoughts to come and go

On Monday we focused on finding balance. We started with an outdoor guided visualization, next a quiet nature walk and practising just being in the moment. We look a break for some free time and nourishment. We came together again for a meditation in the forrest, followed by creativity time, reflection and conversation. Another break for nourishment and self-reflection time. We then made our trek out to Bald Butte (even though it had just rained) and watched the sunset.

Tuesday was spent with a guided meditation, creativity time and sharing our favourite moments amongst the group.

We built each other up and had a lovely time getting to know each other through our creative expression.  

RED FOX CREATIVE STUDIO is a creativity & wellness centre located in Regina, SK.

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