Self Care Summer and other tidbits...

The lazy days of summer are over.

I hope you set aside some time to wander and get lost. Summer feels so rejuvenating. Self care always seems easier to me in the warm air. Personally, I read a lot, beached at bit and lazed around to my heart’s content. After a summer of relaxing around the pool, reading books and tending the garden, it can feel hard to get back into the swing of things. Summer was a time of reflection. Fall is back to reality time. I have received your emails and texts regarding classes, workshops, retreats and private lessons. I appreciate your patience.

Finally! The time has come to launch Red’s Fall Programming. There are a few of your favourites in the line up, as well as, a couple of newbies. I anticipate you will love to participate in them, as much as I loved to create them.

Let’s get together and let some perfect mistakes just happen.

See you soon!


Red Fox