Choosing calm.

So this little blog post was going to be a Red Fox Creative Tip time video post, uploaded here, for your enjoyment. Instead I can’t log in to the Red Fox You tube account and I am stuck in a loop! Technology! Argh!


Instead of that post, today’s blog post is about something else. Letting go! Choosing calm.

I refuse to spend hours figuring out this problem and then correcting it…because I have other more important things to do with my time today. I am letting it go. I am not getting angry. Not bitting the hook and getting sucked in to the vortex of technology.

3 deep breaths and I am walking away.

Tomorrow is another day. I can calmly and rationally deal with this dilemma tomorrow or the next day.

You don’t mind waiting a few days for a Red Fox Creative Tip Time video , do you?

I thought not.

I am off to spend some time with my fam jam. ( Google. I will deal with you later.)


Red Fox