MAKERS MONDAY: Möbius Threads by Jaylene Andres

I am a wife and mother of 2 from small town Saskatchewan. Back in high school I learnt to sew in Home Economics class and from the talents of my mother. It wasn't until I was married and expecting my first baby that I started to sew again. I pulled out my sewing machine that we received as a wedding gift and sewed baby blankets for my little. When my maternity leave was up, I wanted to stay at home with my daughter so I created Möbius Threads. It started as sewing a scarf for myself and then my parents asked me to sew scarves for my nieces and friend's daughter. It just grew from there.

I sew Möbius scarves, headbands and nursing scarves, an infinity with a twist. The twist is what makes my product unique. I use mostly cottons but have branched out into performance and bamboo fabrics to make my headbands purpose specific to athletics. I research a great deal to find unique one of a kind fabrics. My signature Möbius design involves comboing two different fabrics together for scarves. These are my creations and you can't get them anywhere else. I have products for men, women and children.

Why do you create?: I feel a sense of pride with my creations. I made that! It is totally true when you hear a Maker does a Happy Dance every time they make a sale. I am that Maker! I am beaming with excitement when I see someone wearing my products. I create because it makes me happy.

How has your art practice evolved since you first started?: Oh Wow! It has evolved a great deal over the last 5 years. One of my customers that have bought from me continuously through the 5 years could show you the evolution of Möbius Threads. I started off with double loop ladies scarves with just one fabric. As this was a popular product for winter but not so much for summer, I developed headbands so that I could make a go of this throughout the whole year. After awhile I attained a serger, started sewing on Möbius Threads woven tags and changed the technique for the finishing seam. I brought in New and different kinds of fabrics, I developed a couple New products like the Mother's Mobius and the His Mobius. I now offer headbands for children, moisture wicking headbands for adults, kids winter scarves, adult combo scarves with two fabrics, adult Deep Freeze scarves and recently coming out with children's fleece neck warmers. I have gone through a lot of trial and error on what products and fabrics work and don't work. I have had to learn a great balance between what I like and what my ideal customer likes.

How much time do you spend on your art practice? Is it enough? : As much as I can. I had my second baby two months ago so my time recently has been focussed on my son but I get a chance every now and then to get back to my sewing machine. Now seems to be my marketing and development time. I am still trying to balance my time between family and Möbius.

What is the most rewarding part of creating?: Randomly seeing customers wear my product. We were getting out flu shots this past fall and one of the nurses was wearing one of my scarves.

Do you have a creative philosophy?: My daughter keeps telling me that Mistakes are Awesome. Lol. I try keep that in mind. 
Creating unique one-of-a-kind combination scarves to help customers show their personality.

What does creative joy mean to you?: The excitement when I combo two fabrics together for a scarf that I would have never thought of originally.

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