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Name: Katelyn Crawford

Business Name: One Good Thing (plus I'm a Teacher with the Regina Public School Board)

What medium do you work in?
Anything & Everything

What do you make?
Whatever I feel inspired to create..

What compels you to create?
A feeling, a book, a movie, a person, a photograph, an experience.

How did you start creating?
My momma has always been artsy so growing up I was constantly surrounded by inspiration and supplies.

Where is your studio is located ?
Usually on my kitchen floor.

Why do you create?
Because sometimes words cannot do justice to a feeling or a thought. Sometimes being creative is the only way to express myself in a way that others might begin to understand. And because creativity is so incredibly healing for me.

What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?
A pen and pencil. All great ideas begin, for me, with one of these two tools.

What is unique about your art practice?
I will try anything once and refuse to feel ashamed of anything I create.

Number of years you have been a crafter or artist

Describe your work with a movie title
The Tree of Life

Would you let us hook up your ‘Recently Played’ list on Spotify to the studio speakers?:
Absolutely YES


What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently?
I was taking a nice relaxing bubble bath and my kitten was playing with the bubbles.. then fell in and freaked out. My entire bathroom was soaked and he was quite disturbed by it all. Hahahahaha..

Favorite season and why?
Fall because of the changing colours, the sounds, the smells, the harvest, and the opportunity to begin again in a new school year!

Favorite place?
This beautiful cafe on the water at Emerald Lake in BC

What is your idea of time well spent ?
Any time spent with people I love or doing something I love is time well spent to me.

Quirky fact...
I speak to my dog and two cats as if they were my children and I do it in Spanish most days.

What do you teach at Red Fox?
Kids Creativity Camp

RED FOX CREATIVE STUDIO is a creativity & wellness centre located in Regina, SK.