We're going mobile!

ON Nov 14th we will no longer be located at 1954 Angus St.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is breathe and slow down.

This statement fully embraces the philosophy that we want to bring to Regina. Slowing down, being present in our lives, taking time. Recently, we realized that we are not living, what we advocate for. Make no mistake, this is a hard thing to realize (facing a truth like that).

We reached a powerful conclusion during our September mindfulness retreat. (That is why retreats are soooo amazing for you. They provide respite, calm and perspective). We want to evolve our business and are taking Red Fox back to it's roots: Two idealistic friends who want to change how people view creativity. The business has grown, we've reached so many creatives and sparked that light inside.

We are evolving. We are downsizing. We are going mobile.

 Our evolution includes online e-courses, downloadables and in-person learnings. We are going on the road + teaming up with other local YQR businesses, collaborating to facilitate pop-up classes + workshops.

Keep checking in with RED FOX because fun, fantastic, creative and mindful things are on the horizon. For example: we will be launching our Art & Soul AND Photo Retreats within the month. They will be happening quarterly in the beautiful Cypress Hills. We love doing them and maybe you can join us?

WE ARE SO GRATEFUL for your support of Red Fox!
We hope to see you all again soon in our new mobile programming! 

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Red Fox continues to be a pillar in our community.
Starting in November, we are not just in one place, but everyplace.

Join us, as we go forward into our new business model.

See you soon!