Valuable Hours

I grew up in a household where hours drawing and reading were valuable hours spent, not seen as a waste of time. (© Mariecke A. Leavitt, 2016 )

When I read this it resonated with me. I grew up in that same style. Relaxing was and is acceptable in my parent's home. We did not vilify ourselves for not being productive enough. We did our chores and made our meals like every productive person does in every average household, AND we relaxed. We took time to be quiet with ourselves. We gave ourselves permission to do this. I am continuing a family tradition by raising my children in a household where hours spent drawing and reading are valuable hours. I encourage them to read, draw and create. I believe it teaches them to be comfortable with themselves. It also gives them tools to deal with the hard moments in life. They know how to destress and detox their minds. It is such an important skill in our busy technology fuelled lives. My children embrace the ability to slow down and embrace the mind set of relaxation and living for the quiet moments.

Our whole lives consist of precious moments and valuable hours. How will you spend yours?