REALLY, it's all about you... and thats how it should be.

Self care is important, but you knew that already didn't you?

Don't think I don't I see you - doing everything for everyone and (basically) nothing for yourself. You think it's a successful day if you can get ONE hour of Netflix watched before crashing into your bed for another night of broken sleep. 

How can you expect to show up for your kids when your own enrichment tank is empty?
How can you expect them to know their emotional limits, if you don't identify your own?

These are hard questions and they are't supposed to be easy. Hear me say, I SEE YOU and it won't always feel this way.

YOUR world will not implode if you go to the coffee shop, take an art class, or do whatever is CALLING YOUR NAME. All you need is an hour a week to yourself. You are not neglecting others by taking care of yourself. Its essential, and the more you look after YOU (who else is going to do it?) the more chances you will wake up each day with a smile and choose to move forward.

We hosted a series of events in May/June for the participants of Mommy Connections Regina, the focus was on self-care.

Interested in taking an art class, check out our fall classes.