"When we express our ideas and feelings in a form through expressive arts, we have the opportunity to say, "This is me. I exist. This is how I feel & see the world"." - Ann Arge Nathan


Using art to cultivate happiness, be present and let go (even if you "can't draw").

Mindful art involves setting time aside to really invest in YOU, while expressing through shape and colour. You don't have to be an artist. Actually, if you are an "artist" you will be asked to use your non-dominant hand. This isn't about "artistry" it's about creativity. It's like this... Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Visualize the first time you fell in love (stay with this moment as long as you need). Open your eyes. Try and write this down using only words. Now try and express this in shape and colour. Easier, right?

When you are able to stop all the mind chatter and allow a quiet moment - you will be surprised at what comes. These messages come from a deeper place - a realm of the subconscious. This realm is a source of inner wisdom and its messages are aching to be released & expressed. I give you permission to go into the deepest parts of yourself and re-connect with YOU.

Each week will be focused around a theme and will include a guided meditation/visualization, creativity & reflection.



The 90 mins will be spent:

  • Connecting….lots of connecting, connecting with yourself & others
  • Guided mindful exercises
  • Open ended creativity time
  • Reflection & time for journaling
  • Intimate setting, maximum 8 participants

I can already hear you saying...

  • "I'm not good enough"
  • "I'm afraid of what will come"
  • "I can't draw anything other than stick people"
  • "I worry about what other people will think"

There is another voice I hear "This time might be different"

AND that voice would be right! Yes this time will be different. You will find like those who have attended before you, that it just doesn't matter how "good" you are. It's about showing up, being real and allowing yourself to be YOU. You can leave the rest to me. We will be communicating in shape & colour not in judgements and self-expectations.

Everyone has the ability to express themselves & you deserve this.


  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe deeply three times... Need a guide? Inhale for a count of four, hold for four, exhale for four
  • Check in with your body. Ask yourself "where am I feeling stress"
  • Send your breath to those areas of your body that feel tense
  • Allow your breath to flow
  • Breathe in light
  • Breathe out color
  • Breathe in light
  • Breathe out color
  • Breathe deeply another three times
  • Open your eyes


Who is this workshop for?
YOU! Anyone. Everyone. If you’re feeling bogged down with duties and responsibilities and you want a place to play, a place to have some fun and a place to feel grounded & balanced again. You will be recharged and rejuvenated by diving into the bottomless well of your own creative energies. You will be supported to reclaim your personal courage. You will develop greater trust in your intuition, your inner guidance and your authenticity. 

Do I have to come to all the dates listed?
NO, you will ignite your creativity in just one session. This workshop is facilitated as a “stand alone” event. Though if you wanted to, you would build on your skills by coming more often. Every class will have its own unique creative flare. 

Do I have to be "good" at art?
First things first, "good" is a matter of opinion and here "opinions" are not part of the process. I personally guarantee that you and your creativity will feel embraced and validated. Your personal expression will be encouraged to bloom, blossom and grow like some beautiful prairie crisium!

Do I have to have experience with meditation?
No, this is not the Eat, Pray Love version where you sit in robes and meditate in silence for hours. This is the kind of meditation that flows, is easy and most importantly short.

What if I want to come more then one night?
YES, please do - if you buy one of the 5 or 7 packs:
* they don't expire
* can be used anytime (does not have to be consecutive use)