Red Fox Creative Studio

We like creativity. We like it a lot and we are pretty sure you like it too. We think creating is good for your body, mind and soul... a holistic form of wellness. If you think you might want to embrace some creativity and wellness through art ...we can help you find your creative outlet.

Can't draw? We will teach you.

Can't sew? We can teach you.

Cant drive? We can't help you. 

We CAN help you, achieve your creative goals to become the best YOU. Embrace your creative joy.

Read Testimonials from our clients.

Kayla Huszar

BSW, RSW, Founder
Therapist and creator of cool things


Kristin MacPherson

Professional Artist and Photographer

Melanie Mitchell

Cindy Dorr

Susie Gourlay

Zoe MacPherson

Donna MacPherson

Zoe Hanson

Donna MacPherson

Brittany Perry

Toby Anderson

Eric Rowe




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Regina, SK

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