FINDING YOUR ZEN - How to find balance


FINDING YOUR ZEN - How to find balance

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JUNE 27TH 6:30 - 8:00PM - Oracle Cards

TBD - Essential Oils

TBD - Crystal Workshop

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Take time to make your soul happy.


Being an adult is cool, right? Well, if we're being honest, not so much. Sometimes being an adult (and excuse our language) f*cking sucks.
So you have to do all the stuff... Taxes, laundry, making dinner, raising decent human beings, pretending to like the people you work with (you don’t), and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter what kind of life you're living, we all have those days where we just can’t “adult.” It's time to press the RESET button.

RESET for 90 mins with some self care and nourishment. Sign up yourself & a bestie for 90 mins of zen, where you will learn some self nourishing techniques and coping-with-adulting skills. If you are looking for ways to bring relaxation, self-care and stress relief into your life, this is the place to be!

During this session you will be introduced to modalities that cultivate balance of mind, body and spirit.

  • Mindful discussion
  • Gain knowledge & experiment with crystals, essential oils, etc
  • Tools for self care
  • Guided visualization

Don't wait to introduce yourself to a deeper level of self-awareness, fun and not-so-selfish-me-time.


  1. Close your eyes - Breathe and imagine your favourite place. Allow yourself to feel and see all of this place. Stay in this moment for as long as you need.
  2. Breathe deeply three times - Need a guide? Inhale for a count of four, hold for four, exhale for four. Do this at least three times.
  3. Don't forget to be silly - Somehow, as we get older, we do fewer silly things and we smile and belly-laugh less often. Laughing is good medicine; happiness is the place where Zen lives.
  4. Go for a walk - Doing just a bit of exercise each day is good for your heart and your disposition.
  5. Practice letting go - Holding on to anything - and we mean anything - this means you aren’t acting in the present. Practice letting go in small ways.


She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor. Lori has 11 years of experience with meditation, with teaching meditation for two of those years. Lori also has three years of experience working with individuals, parents and families in a previous position as a KidsFirst Home Visitor. 

Lori's passion for meditation and holistic practices stems from her own personal battles with mental illness years ago. Lori openly shares her experiences with anxiety and depression in hopes of helping others who are also battling it. Lori's goal is to help as many people as possible by bringing awareness of simple mindfulness and relaxation techniques that can help keep you balanced and healthy.


Do I have to come to all the dates listed?
NO, you will cultivate balance in just one evening. This class is facilitated as a “stand alone” event. Though if you wanted to, you would build on your skills by coming more often. Every class will have its own unique creative flare. 

Who is this workshop for?
YOU! Anyone. Everyone. This is a wonderful introduction for beginners to learn the basics. 

Do I have to have experience?
No, absolute beginners are welcome. 

I want to try this but I am new to the idea…
Lori is very approachable. She will walk you through the process. If you have questions, contact us. We can put this into perspective for you.

Do I have to be into yoga or meditation to do this?
Certainly not, do you want to cultivate balance in your life? This is for you.