Interested in Joining our Team of Creatives?

Red Fox Creative Studio is a collective of artisans & local people who want to enrich their lives through learning, art and mindfulness.

We offer weekly classes and workshops to people of all ages. We believe that everyone has skills they can impart onto others. Your skills might range from scrapbooking fanatic, fibre art guru, meditation master (or jedi) or coffee addict, either way we want to hear from YOU!

We look forward to meeting  you!

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You're pretty awesome for getting this far! Thank you for your interest, you've been added to our instructors list. We will be in touch.

Information for you the maker:
- We try to keep class sizes at a maximum of 10 students. If you prefer more or less we can discuss it :)
- Upon approval, each session runs on a contractual basis
- We believe course planning and prep time is your intellectual property. As such you own your curriculum - we don't.