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"The best place to find creative community & wellness through art."

— Red Fox Enthusiast 


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The Founders


Local gals Kayla and Kristin are passionate about mindfulness & creativity. Kayla has a strong sense of mindfulness.  Kristin really gets the whole creativity thing. Dissatisfied with their current jobs, They made a brave and life changing decision to branch out as entrepreneurs. Partnering these two amazing gals brought about the amalgamation of creativity and mindfulness into the fancy, fresh, locally owned Red Fox.


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We like creativity. We like it a lot and we are pretty sure you like it too. We think creating is good for you, mind, body and soul... a holistic form of self-care. Interested in exploring creativity and mindfulness through art, we can help you find your outlet.

Want to draw? We will teach you.

Want to paint? We can teach you.

Want to meditate? We can teach you.

Cant drive? Sorry, we can't help you. 

We CAN help you achieve creative joy and become a happier YOU.