5 ways to beat the holiday stress

Holidays can be fun - but they can also be the source of stress.

Between the errands and the food, not to mention the family dynamics, things can get out of hand and lead you to feel overwhelmed.

Keep reading and explore what the holidays will look like for you, what the stressors might be and how to cope.

  1. Take Time for a Time Out
    YES you can retreat into your bedroom with a house full of people just to BREATH and take a minute. YES you can say no to things you really don't want to attend. YES you can stand up for what you and your families needs are.

  2. Check Your Holiday Expectations
    What might realistic and healthy expectations look like for you this holiday season? Open yourself to noticing your thoughts and urges. Have an urge to say "no"? Have some things you can remove from your "should" list? Can you delegate something to get done by someone else?

  3. Don't Break the Bank
    Keep your spending under control. Set a budget, stick to it. Share your thoughts with family. Don't be afraid to express what you need.

  4. Avoid Unhealthy People 
    Let's be real not everyone in our immediate family & friend groups are HEALTHY. They can even be triggering and detrimental to our mental health. YOU are allowed to say no, walk away and disengage with these people. 

  5. Balance Your Perspective & Practice Gratefulness
    Life is filled with ups & downs (especially around the holiday season). Things won't always go your way. We don't always feel "happy" about the things we have to accomplish. Gratitude has the power to release some of these negative emotions. After a negative thoughts/events, you can put things in perspective by asking yourself the following questions:
    - Will this matter in a year’s time?
    - Is this within my control?
    - Why is this important to me?
    - What’s my biggest obstacle right now?