5 ways to have more fun

DANCE: Put your favourite music on and dance like a wild person (embrace the rush of fun that music provides)

I HEART ME DATE: Be spontaneous and take yourself on a “date”. Enjoy a spa, nice meal, walk , coffee, or library trip on your own. You are worth it.

GRATITUDE: Find what makes you grateful because grateful people are fun, happy people. Try not stress about being happy, that is counterintuitive. Little things matter. A little gratitude for a great cup of coffee, for a pet, a loved one, a moment or a breath, will go a long way to happiness and fun.

HOBBY: Have a small, crafty, arty stash of supplies and doodle a bit, glue a bit, colour a bit. Any creativity is better than none. And hey... If math is your thing do a lot of that.

LAUGH: Read funny quotes, watch silly pet videos, read a funny book, comedies are great. Have a laugh. A great laugh will relieve a ton of stress. Force it if you have to. Eventually you start laughing for real because it feels ridiculous. Give it a go. :))

What do you really like to do for fun? Do more of it.

Love Red 🦊


Listen to your fav song

Dance it out.