MAKERS MONDAY: Folk and Fan Woodburning by Julia Dima

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Hi, I'm Julia, the nerd behind Folk and Fan Woodburning and Art, based out of Regina. Folk and Fan combines the traditional folk art of Woodburning, or pyrography, with fan art, depicting images from everyone's favourite TV shows, movies, video games, books, and more. I started Folk and Fan because I am a proud nerd, and love seeing artwork from my favourite sci-fi and fantasy stories, and I hope that my artwork will reach out to fellow fans and get them excited to show off their passions in a unique and unexpected way.

I create Woodburnings that have images and symbols from sci-fi, fantasy, video games, etc, sometimes with my own unique twist on the famous characters and symbols. I use a Woodburning kit called a Colwood Detailer, which is essentially a hot pen, to burn images into the wood. I work on anything from bark-edged wood slices to wooden spoons and cutting boards, to trinket boxes.
I hope that my artwork is unique and stands out from other artwork in both the categories of folk art and fan art. I would like fans to have a piece of artwork that stands out amongst paintings, prints, posters, something quirky and different. I have seen a lot of folk art depicting landscapes, wildlife, still life, and so on. I hope that my artwork gives people a funny surprise when they look at this traditional looking artwork and spot a Storm Trooper from Star Wars or dragon from Game of Thrones, instead.

Why do you create? 
I've always been an artist at heart. As a kid, my family inspired and supported me to be creative, from my grandfather making me a personalized drawing board for doodling after dinner, to my mom enrolling me in courses at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre so I could learn from Regina artists who inspired me. 
I have always found art therapeutic and feel a lot of satisfaction in making something beautiful, especially when I can share it with others, and make them happy.

How has your art practice evolved since you first started?
Woodburning is a relatively new hobby for me! I started it because I purchased a hobby burner whilst bored in a craft store with a 40 per cent off coupon. I started doing it more seriously in February of 2017, and that's when I began making fan art. In the past year, I've improved a lot, spoiled myself to new equipment that allows me to try new techniques, and have found a community of inspiring woodburners online, and learned so much from them. I am consistently learning, always thankful for advice from long-time burners, and really excited to learn as much as I can about the art.

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How much time do you spend on your art practice? Is it enough?
For me, art is a hobby. I have a day job and provide caregiving for my granny and gramps. My art practice is my escape from my responsibilities, and I'd love to do it more, but I'm thankful that I have time for a hobby, and that I can share my hobby with others too!

What is the most rewarding part of creating?
The most rewarding part of creating is making something that makes people happy. I am a gift giver, and I like to make things that have meaning to those receiving them. When I am selling my artwork at a market, and a kid comes up to me with a beaming smile when they see their fandom, and gets excited about my artwork, it's very rewarding. I believe that art is about expressing ourselves with the world, and leaving a sometimes very sad and bleak world more beautiful and cheerful than how we found it.

Do you have a creative philosophy?
My creative philosophy is simply that art is for everyone. Everyone should feel free to create, to try and make something with their hands, to learn, to view and appreciate art, and to feel welcomed into artistic communities.

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What does creative joy mean to you?
Creative joy to me means simply that: finding joy and personal fulfillment in being creative and making something with your hands.

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Question: What is your favourite fandom?
Answer: My favourite fandom is Lord of the Rings.

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