What does creativity mean to you?

We asked our Red Fox Enthusiasts what creativity means to them.

Scroll down and see the benefits to creativity - and hey, maybe you need to sign up for some scheduled creativity time.


  • enjoying myself just the way I am while I make something to reflect what’s going on in my life

  • trying to bring the ideas I am picturing in my head and there’s always something new

  • the freedom to express myself, and being able to use the creativity to let out my emotions that would normally bet bottled up

  • that I am probably coming up with an idea that is perfect in my world and may solve problems for myself and others; it may include artistic elements but not always

  • peace

  • self awareness

  • to breathe in an airless world

  • expressing myself through painting, crocheting, knitting, dancing, decorating, sewing and many other art forms

  • Being creative is happiness, and fun!

  • taking pictures & restoring old photos, creativity is found through photographs

  • turning blah into TADA

RED FOX CREATIVE STUDIO is a creativity & wellness centre located in Regina, SK.

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