As it turns out, I haven't "Grown Up"


I loved being a child. I played imagination games for endless hours, with friends or on my own. I drew and painted. I read books, while disappearing into the imaginary worlds. I fell in and our of love with various stories on a weekly basis. The town librarian could not believe my voracious appetite for books.

As I got older, I couldn't understand why everyone wanted to act older and wish away their childhood. I didn't want to grow up. I think part of me understood, that being an adult was not going to be as much 'fun' as being a child. I wanted to play. I wanted to keep creating and imagining.


Creating has always been a mental reprieve for me. It was then and it continues to be that for me still today. I can still loose myself in the process of drawing or painting. I find joy in the act of collaging paper together. I feel centered and thoughtful in those moments of creativity. Relaxed and engaged in a way that, as an adult, I need. I give myself permission to play and imagine in my own creative playground. The relaxation I find in creativity, helps me consciously and sometimes subconsciously work through the days when 'adulting' gets hard. I consider my creative play time, time well spent.

It turns out I have not grown up and I am ok with that.

Einstein believed that combining conscious work with play allowed creative ideas to make their way through the subconscious brain, unrestricted by logic—he was often inspired after playing violin - Ephrat Livni 



Are you interested in creative play? Embracing your inner child? We offer some easy ways for you to ease into creativity with no pressure. Check out The Den events. They are a great place to start.