The Making of A Unicorn Dream called Red Fox Creative Studio!

Kristin and Kayla Meet . . .

We met in Jan 2013 when Kayla came to work at the same place as me, Greg Huszar Visuals. We hit it off and became fast friends. We spent time together chatting over lunches, coffee and some wine ;). We have a lot of things in common. We both have a great sense of humour. We think we are hilarious.  We share a love of all things creative, including photography. Kayla likes to help people and create. I like to create and help people. There is way more, but you get the point…

We have personalities and skills that compliment each other. I am a tad unorganized …. Kayla is organized and she helps me stay on top of things. (Thank you, Kayla♥️!). I am great at coming up with ideas. Kayla is great at making a plan so stuff can actually happen. I am a photoshop whiz. She is excellent at social media. We both rock at photography.

The most important thing we have in common is this: Neither of us would have be brave enough to take this leap without the other. ☺️I know… You are probably all doing an eye roll right now 🙄 but is the truth. 

Commercial Photography Assistants! We are smart AND tough. We get sh!t done. We carry heavy stuff. We do it well.

Commercial Photography Assistants!
We are smart AND tough. We get sh!t done. We carry heavy stuff. We do it well.

It Begins Slowly and Evolves . . .

In many work conversations we spoke about mindfulness in our lives and how creativity makes us feel good when the sh!t is hitting the fan. I missed teaching art and photography. Kayla missed using her social work degree. One of the big things we realized is that we both believed creativity is mindfulness.  

Wouldn't it be amazing if….

  • Everyone could be happier
  • We could share our knowledge and skills
  • Others could see the joy in the creative process. The process of creating NOT the outcome!
  • Everybody could feel gratitude for small happiness in their own lives
  • We could gather crafty people who love creativity to share their talents with others
  • We could create a community of artists, crafty creatives, makers and thinkers

Quotes... Literally…in all our conversations;

"This is really cool stuff. "

" What would that look like in a dream world where anything could happen? It might look like this….( Insert Dream Here)"

"This is a great dream! It will never happen, but it is really fun to pretend. "

We nicknamed it our "Unicorn Dream"

A Unicorn Dream . . . 

Kayla was out for a drive one day and stumbled across an old schoolhouse. We went to look at it. We thought that it would be the perfect place to start our dream. We thought if only we had a space to share our creative joy with others everything would fall into place. We set onto a journey of business plans, cash projections and the other, dull and boring, essential bits of turning a dream into a reality.

As you can probably guess the schoolhouse didn't work out, but all of the work for our Unicorn Dream was in motion. We were not willing to give it up. It seemed so tangible and real to us.


We looked at many dark, dirty, falling apart lease options. Things were looking pretty grim. Everything we saw seemed too big, too small, but nothing was just right. Until I stumbled across an ad for a tiny little office building on Angus Street. I did a drive by at dusk and the light from the window was glowing. It seemed soo.. lovely.

I thought "How can this still be available?"

It was. We looked at the space and LOVED it.  A light, bright, beautiful little space and perfect for our needs. Serendipity.

Our offer was accepted and so this journey of ours began.


The Dream becomes Reality . . . 

It turns out unicorn dreams are a ton of work. What!?! Yes. You heard me right. A full on, TONNE of work! We have really pulled up our shirt sleeves and put on our big girl panties and committed to this adventure. Our hard work is paying off as we reach our One Year Anniversary. What an amazing ride!

You may have been with us from the beginning of this journey. You may have seen some of our growing pains. Maybe you were one of the people that called to give us feedback and tips for improvements. We appreciate how invested you are in us and our dreams. Now they are becoming your dreams. We are passionate about what we are doing in our community and in our "Unicorn Dream" business. We can not express how much it means to us that you have embraced this unicorn dream we have created.

With unending gratitude…

Thank you!

♥️ Kayla and I