Shoot Club at Avonlea Badlands

Red Fox has a little thing going that we are calling 'Shoot Club'.

Kayla and Kristin both love photography. We don't get enough time to go out and shoot things.
... with our cameras …. sheesh!
We've decided to host photography road trips once in awhile.

Shoot club is open to all ages. (Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.) If you want to participate, everyone looks after their own registrations and fees and meals (if applicable).

It works like like a flash mob, (haha!) we will throw something up on our website, meet up and go somewhere. If you can make it… Great... if not… there will always be a next time!

The last Shoot Club was of the Avonlea badlands with 6 awesome gals and our super guide, Cathy. We had a blast! Check out the Avonlea Badlands Tours. They are AMAZING!

Keep shooting ladies!!

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Photos above courtesy of © Kristin MacPherson.

Photo above courtesy of © Cheryl Pady.


Photos above courtesy of © Kristin MacPherson.

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