Makers Monday: Jamal of Yogi Crafts

Share with the creative community who you are.
My name is Jamal and I am a crafter that loves to play with fabric.

What do you create?
I rediscovered sewing two years ago. It was also two years ago that I discovered yoga and with the Yogi Crafts I combined these two passions. I make yoga accessories like yoga mat bags, yoga mat slings and flaxseed and lavender eye pillows.

What materials do you use to create?
Although I mostly use cotton and canvas, I experiment with silk and brocade too. Each fabric is handpicked by me. I look for fabric that speaks to me, a fabric that is bright and emits a positive energy. 

Why do you create? What is the most rewarding part of creating?
Every item that I make has a bit of my cultural heritage. It reveals a bit about me. I moved to Canada from Pakistan in 2007 and with the Yogi Crafts I have found a way to pay homage to the land that I left behind but will always carry in my heart. The colours in my fabric are usually energetic and playful, very similar to the soul of Pakistan, the land where I was born.

What does creative joy mean to you?
Sewing is therapeutic to me. It is a bond I share with my clients and customers. I see it as an opportunity to explore and expand my creativity. 

JAMAL also accepts custom and bulk orders!
If anyone has an new idea, they can drop her a line. If she can figure it out, she will make it.