HELLO REGINA - Join us on a journey to creative joy


Maybe you don't know who we are? That's ok, let me introduce ourselves.

We love coffee (ok, Kristin is more of a tea drinker), the colour teal, poutine, mid-century modern furniture, textures and wood grains, the environment and best of all we love that you're reading this!

Kayla is a creator & helper. She is a therapist who uses the arts as an expressive & therapeutic tool. She has been in the creative & helping field for more then a decade. Mindful, creative and ambitious are a few words to describe Kayla. She's here to help you find your creative joy.

Kristin is a wicked talented artist who specializes in portraits, cyanotypes, encaustic work, photography (to just name a few of her many skills). She has been pursuing her passion for art and creativity for more then two decades. She is friendly, wacky and clever. She's looking froward to imparting creative knowledge to the masses.

KRISTIN AND KAYLA will be facilitating most of the classes & workshops, along with other local artists who wish to impart their knowledge onto others. New classes & workshops are continually be added. We welcome you to enrich your lives, heal your thoughts and foster creative joy through our art classes, workshops and mindfulness sessions.

We are open for services on March 3rd and our open house will be the afternoon of March 19th (yes, thats St. Patrick's weekend). Feel free to sign up for some classes, workshops and/or come and meet us in a few weeks.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us