The art of creativity

Creativity is a noun, it's definition is: the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. While this may be true for some, for others its much more about self-expression, quiet time and the process.

We wanted to know what impact creativity has had on your life and as such we polled people through our social media. While the content of the responses were not that surprising, considering creativity oozes from us in almost every facet of our lives. It was surprising to read that so many other people have felt the positive effects of creation & creativity in their own lives.

Here are some our favourite responses:

Creativity is good for me because it makes me feel whole & confident in myself!
I find answers through creativity that I never knew were inside me. It helps heal me.
Creativity is a mindfulness practice.
It helps keep my centre in {a} busy life.
Creativity helps me get rid of stress, like yoga for my brain.
Creativity switches off my anxiety button-helps me to focus on something different for a little while and gives me a sense of peace.

Creativity is so much more then "producing a piece of art". It's learning something new. It's a practice. It's integrated into self-care. It's expression without words. We hope to create alongside you very soon!

"The arts, as media of the imagination, are disciplines which give form and substance to our capacity to be who we are. Each artistic medium embodies the imagination in a concrete and specific way." -Stephen K. Levine

Have a creative day,