Makers Monday: Veda from VMJ Creations

Share with the creative community who you are.
My name is Veda and I am the artist/designer behind VMJ Creations. I have worked in many mediums: drawing, painting, writing, sculpture, collage, assemblage, mixed media and now metal and glass. I still use them all and am always adding new ones. I take my inspiration from nature, history, philosophy, the constraints of the medium and personal experiences. 

What do you create?
At the moment I am focused on designing and handmaking jewellery inspired by the vibrant colours of enamel on silver. I have a line of earrings and pendants and several unique statement sets. The jewellery allows me to share the beauty of enamel designs with people in a personal way and the versatility of enameling allows me to explore more and more complicated projects in jewellery and artwork. My ultimate goal is to make metal and enamel art inspired by the beautiful imagery in the medieval bestiaries.

What materials do you use to create?
When making my jewellery, I use .999 pure silver, cut it, shape it, solder it, and then apply enamel, which is a colourful powdered glass. I cook the enamel in a kiln so that it fuses to the metal surface and then incorporate the enameled pieces into jewellery using .925 sterling silver and surgical steel. I also enjoy enameling on copper and brass and combining my enameled pieces into mixed media artwork and other projects.

Why do you create?
I don’t think I could really stop creating. I have always been an explorer at heart and I find great satisfaction in bringing something into existence that wasn’t before. 

How has your art practice evolved since you first started?
A great deal. For many years my art was a hobby, but I was recently able to combine my interests, my artistic abilities and my work experience into turning my art into my occupation. My creative energy is now directed towards goals. It has become my life path. Every day that I work, I grow and my art practice grows with me.   

How much time do you spend on your art practice? Is it enough?
I honestly can’t really tell you how many hours I spend – I’m thinking about it all the time. I do have dedicated workshop time (between 3-7 hours most days and sometimes as many as 18 depending on projects). Still I feel like I’d need several lifetimes to get all my ideas out and to explore everything. But the truth is that there is no end of things to explore and the ideas will (hopefully!) never stop. That is the beauty of passion. It is impossible to have enough time and that is what drives me forward. So as long as I am enjoying what I do, pursuing new things and growing as I work, I am happy. 

What is the most rewarding part of creating?
The challenge of making an abstract idea inside my head become a physical thing that exists in this world. Bonus rewards when others see it and connect with it, for its beauty or its meaning or both! 

Do you have a philosophy?
I believe that creation is a profoundly healthy thing. I know that I always feel better expressing my creativity. And we are all creative in some way, though they be vastly different ways. My husband creates when he constructs a computer program out of code. My sister creates when she designs exciting lesson plans and shapes the young minds of the children in her care. One friend creates when she weaves plots into riveting stories. Another friend creates when he builds his business. And I create by using my hands to bring an image out of my mind and into reality so that others can appreciate it. 

What does creative joy mean to you?
When we create something, we put a piece of ourselves into it. Creative joy is that process of putting yourself into something and then having that something seen and understood by someone else. It is a point of contact between people. It is engaging others with who you are. It is expression.

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