Maximum 6 participants

* Private bookings upon request

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Clear your head, feel the flow and celebrate being a woman.

IMAGINE having a relaxing, soulful, heart-opening, and creative time. 

Come & enjoy an evening of warm tea, gabbing and an exploration of your inner self. Each event will be focused around a theme and will include a guided meditation/visualization, creativity, reflection and conversation.

All women welcome. No experience necessary.

FOUR reasons to attend this event:

  1. Get Inspired
    Inspiration, translates as “to breathe into.” So, basically you will be breathing life back into your life.

  2. Listen
    Whether you’re coming for the company, the meditation (aka. quiet) or the creativity, you will be stopping to listen. And you might even start to hear the quiet inside your own heart.

  3. Find Your People

    You will meet new people. They might be the same or different from you. Either way they likely have come to this event for the same reasons as you. Go ahead and say “hi”.

  4. Remember Who You Are
    Society wants you to be the mother, sister, wife, friend, worker. On this night you can drop all the roles AND we welcome you to just embrace you!

The energy and joy I felt after my first class with Kayla was amazing! The night was everything I wanted: relaxing, soulful, heart-opening, and creative. It allowed me to connect with myself while Kayla guided us through a lovely meditation and art class. I’m not creative at all but it was easy with the endless art supplies and having the opportunity to create without the fuss or the mess! Be kind to yourself and sign up for a class, it might be the best night you’ve had with yourself in a while!


Who is this WORKSHOP for?
YOU! Anyone. Everyone. Are you feeling bogged down with duties and responsibilities of life? Are you looking for a place to play, have some fun and feel grounded again. You will be recharged and rejuvenated by your own creative energies. You will be supported to access your personal courage. You will develop greater trust in your intuition, your inner guidance and your authenticity. 

Do I have to be "good" at art?
First things first, "good" is a matter of opinion and here "opinions" are not part of the process. I personally guarantee that you and your creativity will feel embraced and validated. Your personal expression will be encouraged to bloom, blossom and grow like some beautiful prairie crisium!

Do I have to have experience with meditation?
No, this is not the Eat, Pray Love version where you sit in robes and meditate in silence for hours. This is the kind of meditation that flows, is easy and most importantly short.


PARKING ON BROAD: No time limit on Saturday and Sunday. BUS LANE from 3:30 to 5:30pm.

There is also a huge PARKING LOT on Rose Street (to the west, behind the building).


* The FRONT building doors AUTO lock at 6pm, please be sure to arrive before 6:00.

Enter the building, trek to the top floor. There is a waiting area, as soon as you come up the stairs (to the left) - unless my door is propped open, please wait here until I come and get you. Kayla is in suite 400 - your immediate RIGHT at the top of the stairs. Look for Kayla’s logo on the door.

NOTE: This building is also stair access only.