STUDIO LIGHTING ESSENTIALS - How to understand studio lighting

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lighting essentials photogs.jpg

STUDIO LIGHTING ESSENTIALS - How to understand studio lighting



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Creating stunning professional studio portrait lighting.

In this workshop, we’re going to look at using studio lighting and how this will positively affect your photography. 

Ask yourself... Have you ever taken a portrait photo in studio and lacks pizazz? The photo you took might look too dark, too light or completely washed out. You’re not alone in the quest for a formula to create great portraits.

Understanding the role light can play in your photography can be a liberating experience and can greatly improve the framing & lighting of your portraits.

OR maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to take stunning photographs of people.

Kristin MacPherson will lead you in this lively workshop, with a focus on professional lighting, composition and basic camera functions.

Investment - You will learn:

  • How to understand the properties of studio light
  • How to set up your lighting to obtain optimal photos of your subjects
  • How to control & change your lighting scenarios

FACILITATED BY: Kristin MacPherson


Who is this workshop for?
YOU! Anyone who wants to learn studio lighting.

Do I have to be an experienced artist to do this?
Nope. If you want to learn about the beauty & properties of light then this workshop is for you. Beginners are welcome.

Do I need to bring my camera/phone to this workshop?
No, this is a demonstration & informational workshop.