EASY BREEZY PORTRAITS - How to paint people using acrylics

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EASY BREEZY PORTRAITS - How to paint people using acrylics

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Learn everything there is to know about creating faces. 

Learn how to create modern portraits without the stress of knowing how to draw.

The focus of this workshop is on how to paint realistic faces and more importantly eyes (the hardest part). There are various techniques to getting face shapes on paper, none requiring previous painting / drawing experience. Kristin’s facilitation technique of shape, value and using a limited colour palette make learning to paint portraits effortless (and let's be honest, fun!). Don't think too hard, the hard part isn't to be creative - everyone has the ability to be creative. Let go, have fun, experience creative joy and paint some faces!

Professional art supplies included.




FACILITATED BY: Kristin MacPherson


1. Pay class fee in full at time of registration OR
2. a. Pay deposit, to reserve your spot
2. b. Pay the remainder of the registration fee BEFORE the first class.
If Client cancels the their registration for the class for any reason, Red Fox Creative Studio shall be entitled to retain the entire deposit already paid and no portion shall be refunded.

Who is this portrait workshop for?
YOU! Anyone. Everyone. This is easy for beginner crafters to learn the basics. Kristin teaches portrait painting in the easiest terms. Literally anyone can do this.

Do I have to have experience with paint?
No, absolute beginners are welcome. Kristin breaks down learning into easy to follow steps that make painting portraits easy, even for absolute beginner painters.

I think painting portraits would be hard. Is it? 
Actually, painting a portrait is no different than any other subject matter. Learn to see shapes, value and colour. It is no different than a landscape.

Do I have to be able to draw?
Not for this class. Kristin is teaching you to paint. not to draw. If you can draw, great! If you can't draw there are methods to help you get a good start on your portrait.

Do I have to be artsy or crafty to do this?
Nope. This is an entry level skill. If you know nothing about acrylic paints, this workshop is for you.