URBAN RETREAT - Women's Empowerment Event


URBAN RETREAT - Women's Empowerment Event


JULY 21ST 9:00AM - 1:00PM - Coping with Mom-Rage

TBD 9:00AM - 1:00PM - Show up with Love

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WELCOME TO OUR URBAN retreats. Yes, right here in the Queen City, you can find balance, expression and reflection.

There is a place inside of you that wants to feel free, joyful and alive.

Craving a break, feeling like a ball of stress? Life can feel like a bit of a mad house. There is never a better time to detox & start living your life with intention, presence and authenticity. Silence the inner critic, quiet your racing thoughts, and breathe in peacefulness. This retreat will guide you to a type of calmness, a kind of brain reboot. Through creativity and listening to your authentic self, you will unwind, restore your life's energy and nourish your inner-self.

During this retreat, you will be playing creatively through art-making and learning mindfulness practices. You have permission to be as creative as you need – this art will not end up on walls, it might not even end up on your fridge - this art lives in you and you deserve to express it.

Inhale… exhale… and scroll to discover the value of mindfulness & creativity, and how it can can bring balance to your life.


Let's call a spade a spade. Mom rage is real. It's valid and it can come on fast. Before kids maybe you told yourself things like: 

  • "I got this"
  • "I will NEVER let my kids do that"
  • "I will not be one of 'those' parents"

AND NOW: You find yourself yelling things like:

  • "If you do that one more time..."
  • "For the love of ___, sit down and EAT"
  • "Don't make me turn this van around"
  • "Stop hitting"
  • "Stop kicking"

Perhaps meditation will give you super powers, perhaps it will help you rein in your emotions…. perhaps not. It looks different for each person. This retreat will help you to identify your triggers, identify what you need and most importantly how to show up and be present in your life.



  • Reflective and fun ways to get in touch with your inner self
  • Mindfulness & creative practices
  • Increased sense of confidence and coping skills
  • Time to reflect & journal
  • Connecting….lots of connecting, connecting with yourself and other like-minded women
  • Intimate setting (10 participants total)

The day will be spent:

  • Nurturing self-love, resilience and worthiness
  • Guided meditation/visualizations
  • Open ended creative expression response to meditation (collage, sketching)
  • Reflection Questions
  • Non-judgemental discussion
  • Snacks and drinks are supplied


  • Moving towards living a more intentional and authentic life
  • The ability to move past distractions and scattered thoughts
  • Sitting with your feelings, beginning to know them, learning from them
  • Permission to go into the deepest parts of yourself
  • Something new will come into being - enhancing your desire for self expression (and to be seen & heard)
  • Giving permission to let your body speak to you
  • Increased self love and self acceptance
  • Increased blood flow while being creative & mindful
  • Improvements in immune system, blood pressure, heart rate and respiration


Who is this retreat for?
YOU! Anyone. Everyone. If you’re feeling bogged down with duties and responsibilities and you want a place to play, a place to have some fun and a place to feel grounded & balanced again. You will be recharged and rejuvenated by diving into the bottomless well of your own creative energies. You will be supported to reclaim your personal courage. You will develop greater trust in your intuition, your inner guidance and your authenticity. 

Do I have to come to all the dates listed?
NO, you will ignite your creativity in just one session. This class is facilitated as a “stand alone” event. Though if you wanted to, you would build on your skills by coming more often. Every class will have its own unique creative flare. 

Do I have to be "good" at art?
First things first, "good" is a matter of opinion and here "opinions" are not part of the process. I personally guarantee that you and your creativity will feel embraced and validated. Your personal expression will be encouraged to bloom, blossom and grow like some beautiful prairie crisium!

Do I have to have experience with meditation?
No, this is not the Eat, Pray Love version where you sit in robes and meditate in silence for hours. This is the kind of meditation that flows, is easy and most importantly short.