Red Fox Creative Studio

We like creativity. We like it a lot and we are pretty sure you like it too. We think creating is good for your body, mind and soul... a holistic form of wellness. If you think you might want to embrace some creativity and wellness through art ...we can help you find your creative outlet.

Can't draw? We will teach you.

Can't sew? We can teach you.

Cant drive? We can't help you. 

We CAN help you, achieve your creative goals to become the best YOU. Embrace your creative joy.

Kristin Macpherson Kayla Huszar

Kayla Huszar
BSW, RSW, Founder
Therapist and creator of cool things

Kristin MacPherson
Professional artist and photographer.




“I love Kristin’s classes! I always learn something new! She is always organized and helpful!
Her enthusiasm for art is contagious! I have never left a class feeling disappointed or frustrated. I will sign up for any class Kristin gives!”
 — Lin Hylton

“I attended a fun workshop by Kristin MacPherson where we worked with acrylic ink. I really appreciated Kristin’s approach in terms of demonstrating how acrylic inks can be used and then having us work with the media. Kristin was very supportive as I worked through the process of learning about the use of a new media.”
— Gord Barnes

“Kristin is a very creative artist who teaches just as well! Kristin provided me with some basic techniques that gave me confidence with my own painting projects outside of class. Kristin’s kind words of guidance often pop into my head when I am painting. Thanks Kristin for all you have taught me. I look forward to another class soon!”
 — Sharlene Stanley

“Kristin’s enthusiasm for all things art is so infectious that I want to try it all too.”
— Linda Tidball



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