Nurturing Creative & Mindful Living


We like creativity. We like it a lot and we are pretty sure you like it too. We think creating is good for you, body, mind and soul... a holistic form of self-care. If you think you might want to embrace some creativity and mindfulness through art, we can help you find your outlet.

Want to draw? We will teach you.

Want to sew? We can teach you.

Want to meditate? We can teach you.

Cant drive? Sorry, we can't help you. 

We CAN help you, achieve your creative goals to become the best YOU. Embrace your creative joy.

Don't take our word for it... See what our clients think ♥


Kayla Huszar

Co- creator and founder of Red Fox
Expressive Art Therapist, BSW, RSW
Oreo Lover
Coffee Enthusiast
Self taught Photographer
Fur Baby Caregiver
Gemstone addict + Jewelry maker 


Kristin MacPherson

Co- creator and founder of Red Fox
Applied Photography Graduate
Book Lover
Art Enthusiast
Professional Photographer and Artist
BFA dropout...shhh...Don't tell anyone
1953 Buick Driver
Dachshund Owner + Slave



Our Amazing Peeps (in no particular order)


Melanie Mitchell
Cindy Dorr
Sue Bland
Susie Gourlay
Toby Anderson
Zoe MacPherson
Donna MacPherson
Brittany Perry
Eric Rowe
DeLee Grant
Krista Rusk
Betty Sigfusson
Lindsay Sasseville
Zoe Hanson
Katelyn Crawford
Courtney Bates-Hardy

and more...